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Corvallis Tea Party

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Who We Are

Here at GFWC Bitterroot Woman's Club, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further our mission. Since 1914, we’ve been supporting our community members in a variety of ways and measuring our success not by monetary size, but by more qualitative measurements such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts. Just imagine what we can achieve together! 

GFWC Bitterroot Woman’s Club

“Volunteer service, since 1914”


Club Motto

“Not many things, but much”


Term Theme

Envisioning the future through Collaboration and Communication


Club Colors: Green and Gold

Club Flower: Bitterroot Flower (changed in 2023 from the Yellow Pansy)

Club Organized: 1914

Club Federated: 1918



2nd Saturday of each month, September-June.

Dues are $35 per year payable in June.

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Becky Grimm.png

Becky Grimm

Co- Vice President

Nancy Dezell.png

Nancy Dezell

Co- Vice President

Patty K.png

Patty Kernahan


Linda S.png

Linda Stephani


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GFWC Bitterroot Woman's Club History

In the first century of GFWC, the Bitterroot Valley was home to 12 GFWC Federated Woman’s Clubs. Although the clubs did amazing things in their communities, only one remains.


The GFWC Bitterroot Woman’s Club was originally named the GFWC Corvallis Woman’s Club, inaugurated in 1914 and federated with GFWC in 1918. 


The GFWC Corvallis Woman’s Club points with pride to starting the Hot Lunch Program in Corvallis School District during the 1930s and continued volunteering help until  after World War II. Our members insisted on the hiring of a County Nurse in the 1960s,  we also furnished playground equipment for Corvallis Schools and have offered scholarships for high school seniors throughout all of our communities since 1962.


In 2009 the club broadened its name to include the full valley,  offering GFWC membership opportunities to more women  and our volunteer service to a larger local community.


In 2021, a Foundation was formed and granted 501(c)3 tax status that enables the club to raise additional funds. This increases our charitable impact in the Bitterroot Valley and surrounding areas.


GFWC in Montana

In 1904 twelve clubs banded together to form the Montana Federation of Women’s Clubs. Early records show that the still active GFWC Deer Lodge Woman’s Club, organized in 1890, was the first woman’s club organized in Montana.

Montana’s first state convention was held in Butte in 1905, with Mrs. H. Mitchell of Great Falls elected as our first state president.

The state official seal was adopted during the 1962-1964 administration with the official colors of copper and green; official bird, the meadowlark; and the official flower, the Bitterroot.


GFWC International

We are women who want to make a difference in  our community, our state, and our world.


In all 50 states and more than a dozen countries, GFWC clubwomen are mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, doctors, teachers, and community leaders, working locally to create global change.  Although there is considerable diversity in our ages, interests, and experience, clubwomen are united by a dedication to community improvement through volunteer service.

With “Unity In Diversity” as its motto, General  Federation of Women’s Clubs offers a strong umbrella of programs and encourages its clubs to expand their reach in a rapidly changing society.

Accomplishments of GFWC include: establishing 75% of the country’s public libraries, supporting  the first child labor law, developing kindergartens  in the public schools, and working for food and drug regulation.


Our “Women’s Crusade for Seat Belts” program  resulted in more than one million car seat belts being installed during a single year.

To find out more about our History and Mission on our International Website click the link below.

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